Hyperboloid Mixer


GloTech’s HM series of hyperboloid mixers provides optimal mixing tailored for demanding industrial and municipal wastewater treatment applications.

The HM series mixer is available in several installation configurations to fit virtually any existing wastewater treatment facility, avoiding the cost of expensive and time consuming plant retrofits.


Summary Specifications

Mixer Sizes: 20” – 110” (500 – 2800)
Max. Flow: 90,000 gpm (20,000 m³/h)
Max. Speed: 200 rpm
Max. Power: 10 hp (7.5 kW)
Max. Area: 72 ft (22 m)


  • Equalization pond
  • Precipitation tank
  • Nitration/de-nitrification basin
  • Sequencing batch reactor

Additional Information

All of our products can be fabricated to fit custom specifications of your existing product lines, while providing you significant savings on production costs. In addition, our existing products can be private labeled to fit your brand.


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