Pipe Adapters

Product Overview

GloTech’s Multifunctional Pipe Adapter design is the next generation solution for diffuser systems. Engineered for ease of installation and fewer individual components, GloTech’s pipe saddles are optimized for rapid deployment and ease of maintenance, leading to overall lower costs and a more robust and reliable system.


The benefits of GloTech’s Multifunctional Pipe Adapter design include the following:

  • Expertly engineered for maximum strength and durability, specifically for wastewater applications
  • Injection molded engineered components with consistent, high quality
  • Interlocking saddle halves and lock wedge provide simple, time-saving, and reliable installation; built-in self locking mechanism provides reliable service


Additional Information

All of our products can be fabricated to fit custom specifications of your existing product lines, while providing you significant savings on production costs. In addition, our existing products can be private labeled to fit your brand.

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