Vertical Turbine Pumps


GloTech’s GJC series vertical turbine pumps offer versatile solutions for a broad range of applications which require relative high heads. These pumps are designed to provide industry leading efficiency and ease of maintenance. A wide variety of material options are available for industry specific application requirements (e.g. wear/corrosion resistance). Custom order high flow pumps are also available.


Summary Specifications

Discharge: 4 – 24 in (100 – 600 mm)
Max Flow: 17,500 gpm (4,000 m3/hr)
Max Head: 800 ft (250 m)
Efficiency: 62.0 % – 86.0 %
Power: 5 – 1,350 hp (3 – 1,000 kW)

Additional Information

All of our pump products can be fabricated to fit custom specifications of your existing product lines, while providing you significant savings on production costs. In addition, our existing products can be private labeled to fit your brand.

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