GloTech Agricultural Pumps

As part of our new updated product line for 2014, GloTech is offering a complete range of agriculture pumps. From horizontal split case, to vertical turbine; end suction centrifugals and submersible axial and mixed flow pumps, GloTech can offer the complete range of solutions to all of your agricultural pumping needs.

GloTech’s HS series pumps possess advanced hydraulic design and industry leading efficiencies. It is the perfect choice for a broad range of water distribution and booster applications. The HS series offers rugged construction and workhorse performance to handle capacities up to 30,000 GPM at heads up to 600 feet. Larger volume, engineered pumps (up to 36″) are also available.

GloTech offers a broad range of self-priming centrifugal pumps including the SPB, SPT, and SPU series. These pumps range from 2″ to 12″ and can handle capacities up to 5,000 GPM at heads up to 200 feet, and solids up to 3″ in diameter. These pumps offer rugged construction and can be electric motor driven or mounted to gasoline or diesel engines.

GloTech offers a standard line of single stage, end suction centrifugal pumps. The pumps are available with cast iron volutes and stainless steel or bronze impellers, and in frame mounted, close coupled, or SAE engine mounted configurations. Capacities range up to 10,000 GPM at heads up to 400 feet.

GloTech’s submersible propeller (SAF) and mixed (SMF) pumps offer highly efficient pumping of large volumes of water at low to moderate head. These pumps are custom engineered to handle capacities up to 200,000 GPM at heads up to 60 ft. Each pump is integrated with a submersible motor, and provides the benefits of lower pump station construction costs and quiet operation with minimal maintenance needs.

GloTech offers highly efficient, engineered lineshaft (GJC) and submersible (SJC) series of turbine pumps. The pumps offer cast iron, stainless steel fitted standard construction, with bronze and other materials optional. A wide range of standard models are available from 6″ through 48″, with capacity up to 50,000 GPM. For even larger volume applications, inquire about GloTech’s custom engineered propeller and mixed flow pumps.

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