Large Scale Engineered Pumps

At GloTech, we’ve built our business building “Big Pumps.” Over the past 10 years, we’ve helped our U.S. customers complete dozens of multimillion dollar pump projects, both in the U.S. and in rapidly developing foreign markets such as MENA. GloTech helps our customers win these large contracts by offering unparalleled capacity and expertise in designing / manufacturing large volume pumps. GloTech has the broadest range of hydraulic models with the highest efficiencies to tackle high volume pumping of anyone in the industry, hands down. In addition, our ultra-competitive pricing enables our customers to keep low-cost foreign competitors (from India, Mexico, etc.) at bay when negotiating with cost-conscious customers in developing markets. GloTech’s U.S. based engineering and project management teams adds further value to our customers and in turn the end users. In addition, GloTech offers a broad range of high quality, cost effective specialty motors and diesel engines to further improve the attractiveness of the overall bid. We pride ourselves on being THE source for the most efficient, cost-effective pumps for large-scale, engineered pump systems anywhere. If your international sales team fields leads for projects that you had previously been unsuccessful with due to manufacturing capacity or pricing concerns, GloTech can partner with you to create a win-win solution!

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